Leafield’s bins support recycling schemes at universities

Leafield Environmental, a Wiltshire based company are proud to have designed and manufactured thousands of recycling bins for universities since launching their first multi-waste recycling bin in 2012.


Leafield’s Meridian recycling bin was designed for The University of Greenwich in 2012. The innovative design was the first of its kind to collect multiple waste items at source in one single and stylish bin. Since its evolution, it has become Leafield’s best selling recycling bin and is now part of the furniture at many universities. The interchangeable lid configuration gives sustainability teams the opportunity to change their recycling schemes. The lids are WRAP compliant colour coded and the black base is made up to 100% recycled material*. Bespoke colours and personalisation is available.

Leafield continue to work with universities on their recycling challenges and in 2014 developed the EnviroStack stackable recycling bin for Bath Spa University. The compact bin was designed to fit into halls of residence kitchens where space was limited but recycling multiple waste items was a priority. Following its success, the EnviroStack is now available in two different sizes (32
litre or 52 litre) and its narrow footprint makes it ideal to recycle in small places.

Over the past couple of years, Leafield has been instrumental in some high profile coffee cup recycling campaigns. In 2018 Leafield worked in partnership with leading environmental charity Hubbub to launch the Envirocup Grande cup bin as part of the #LeedsByExample coffee cup recycling campaign. Following its success, Leafield’s cup bin is now part of many coffee cup recycling campaigns including Bristol’s ‘For Cups Sake’ campaign launched in January this year.

Its distinctive bright orange ‘coffee cup shape’ was designed for quick identification in high footfall areas. Bespoke colour and graphics are available upon request. The black coffee style lid is made from 100% recycled plastic*.

Recycling is at the core of Leafield Environmental’s business. As well as producing recycling bins that encourage recycling and the segregation of recyclable material at the point of collection, Leafield also manufactures bins from recycled material and recycles/reuses 100% of its production waste.

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