Antimicrobial Bin Protection

Choose protection against harmful bacteria.

Leafield can integrate an antimicrobial additive into all of our product* ranges.

Giving you the peace of mind from knowing that the antimicrobial additive manufactured into your bin is providing life long 24/7 protection against harmful bacteria.


How does it work?

When Biomaster is added into a product it is dispersed throughout the entire item, will not wash off and lasts its active lifetime.

Tested on over 50 different bacteria species in over 2,000 applications, the antimicrobial material has been proven to reduce harmful species by up to 99.99%.

It has also been proven to remove over 80% of these bacteria in as little as 15 minutes.

Antimicrobial protection works 24/7 to protect product surfaces, providing a second line of defence against harmful bacteria, making the product more hygienic and complementing cleaning regimes.


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*Material must be UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE)