Vince’s Top Tips

Vince Wright, Leafield’s Sales Manager, has 10 Top Tips for implementing and managing successful recycling within your organisation.

1. Conduct a recycling audit; what is working, the issues and areas of improvement.

2. Research best practice; the benefits of recycling, what recycling units are available, understanding what other businesses / facilities are doing.

3. Set-up a consultative group to generate feedback, share initial findings with staff (and/or students) and aim to catch up on a regular basis.

4. Make a plan and set recycling objectives.

5. Bin the desktop bins.

6. Brief the cleaning team and incentivise them to improve the recycling rates.

7. Work closely with your in-house marketing team to launch a fun and factual campaign featuring key messages on posters, flyers, competitions, internal intranets, social media or set-up a launch event.

8. Appoint recycling champions to positively communicate the benefits of recycling.

9. Use clear bin signage making it easier for people to get involved.

10. Continue to gain employee (and/or student) feedback throughout the process and promote success and any changes.