Kirklees Council invest in new street litter bins

In 2023, Leafield Environmental worked in partnership with Kirklees Council, on the supply and delivery of over 3,000 Heritage Square Litter Bins over a 15-month period ending in October 2024.

A full litter bin audit was conducted by Kirklees Council across the area which highlighted the inconsistency in the different types of litter bins and their methods of servicing. As a result, Kirklees’s strategy was to standardise their litter bins across the area. They identified a plastic litter bin offered low maintenance and a single side opening door that has a single type of lock/ key required one risk assessment.

Kirklees Council invited bin suppliers to tender for this significant procurement of litter bins and Leafield Environmental was the chosen supplier to manufacture their new plastic street litter bins.

Leafield’s Heritage Square litter bin matched Kirklees’s bin specification and are now located across the Kirklees area. The traditional rotationally moulded 110-litre plastic bin is manufactured from up to 100% recycled plastic with an enhanced double wall structure for ultimate rigidity and durability. It features a four-way aperture providing all-round access to the liner and a slam shut door with four-point latch for extra security. The Kirklees Council Heritage Square litter bins feature their bespoke logo and silver banding.  

As part of the agreement, Leafield Environmental have committed to five social values with Kirklees Council. These include Leafield having two student placements through the University of Huddersfield, donating 128 recycling bins to local schools in the Kirklees area and supporting Kirklees local community projects. As well as Leafield committing to recycling 375kg of shrink wrap packaging from Kirklees and Leafield using recycled polymer material during the manufacturing process of the 3,000 new litter bins.

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