Why is bin signage important?

Leafield Environmental, an award-winning manufacturer and designer of recycling and litter bins understand the importance of clear and consistent bin signage to increase user participation and reduce contaminated waste. That’s why, they have provided some guidance on how effective bin signage can help launch new bins successfully.

Visual Graphics – Without consistent and clear recycling labels and graphics, users can become confused and disengaged with the new recycling or litter bins. Therefore, it is crucial that the correct waste stream is colour coded and labelled so the user can easily dispose their waste accurately. 

Clear Recycling Labels – Leafield use Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) compliant recycling labels on their bins as standard which are colour coded in the different waste streams.

Bespoke Labelling – Leafield can produce bespoke recycling labels upon customer request. This usually happens when an organisation would like the new bins to match their existing recycling or litter bins or to comply to their company brand guidelines. Leafield can also produce bi-lingual recycling labels upon customer request.

Poster Signage kits – Leafield bins feature a poster signage kit as standard on most ranges. The posters are usually A3 or A4 sizes and free WRAP compliant posters can be downloaded here.  Alternatively, the customer can design a poster to fit into the frame. The posters are usually featured above the bin or on the side panels of the bin.

Leafield recommends that whilst featuring recycling labels and posters to their bins is key to the success of installing new bins, additional communication to employees and users about the new recycling scheme would strengthen engagement and participation.


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