Design Innovation…the Heart of Leafield Environmental’s Success

Divested from the Linpac Group at the turn of the decade, Leafield Environmental, British designer, manufacturer and supplier of litter and recycling bins has gone from strength to strength in its almost 10 year existence.

The Company pioneered the concept of collecting multiple waste streams, segregated at source, in a single slim stylish bin… named the Meridian Envirobin. Initially produced with a 70:30 split, recyclables to landfill waste, the Meridian offering has since grown to include many triple lid and reduced capacity models that have spurred its acceptance in mainland Europe. A Plastics Industry Awards finalist in 2012, some 7 years on the Meridian Envirobin is still the Company’s best selling bin.

Leafield Environmental has also been instrumental in the recent high profile campaigns to recycle coffee cups, designing and supplying the Envirocup XL, a bin that incorporates a liquids collection reservoir and six cup apertures through which cups neatly nest, one inside the other, reducing the number of times each bin has to be collected and emptied by operatives. Adding side Enviropods for the segregation and collection of cup sleeves and lids turns the Envirocup XL into a complete cup collection solution.

Leafield Environmental operates from a single site in Corsham Wiltshire, with 7,000 m2 of manufacturing space, attached office accommodation and design studio. Employing some 60 skilled personnel, the Company continues to invest in new, state-of-the-art, higher capacity machines in order to increase productivity.

The Company continues to push the boundaries, bringing together patented, cutting edge design and advanced manufacturing techniques to ‘redefine the possible’ in rotational moulding. In order to achieve this it is essential that design and manufacturing functions work ‘hand in glove’, so to this end, a single site operation is essential.

Without a doubt, supplying high quality rotationally moulded product for export markets both benefits from and reinforces the kudos derived from and attached to “Made in Britain”.

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