Regenerate recycling in offices

During these challenging times, our nations commitment to recycling has continued. With people returning to work, it is important that businesses provide recycling bins to keep up the great work that has been done whilst at home. Leafield Environmental, a UK designer and manufacturer of recycling bins have a large portfolio of stylish and high-quality products that can be added with an optional antimicrobial additive.

Leafield’s best-selling Meridian multi-waste recycling bin collects and segregates multiple waste materials at source. Its innovative design allows the lids to be changed for different recycling requirements. It is available as a 100% open lid, 70/30% split or 30/40/30% split. Available in two sizes, a 110-litre unit or 87- lire unit.  The black base is made from up to 100% recycled material*.  Standard units include WRAP compliant colour coded lid apertures, labels and a free A3 signage kit. Bespoke colours and personalisation of labels are available upon request.

The NEW EnviroGo bin range has been designed to collect up to 90 litres of waste from its open aperture.  Its front moulded handle and non-marking wheels for easy manoeuvre makes it a flexible unit for cleaning teams. Standard units include WRAP compliant colour coded lid apertures, labels and signage kit.

All of Leafield’s recycling bins can be manufactured with an antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.9%**. The Biomaster antimicrobial additive is added during Leafield’s manufacturing process and is dispersed throughout the entire bin. It is durable, it will not wash off and will last its active lifetime.

Leafield’s portfolio of recycling bins can hold as little as 41 litres or up to 140 litres of waste.

*Subject to availability

** Tested by Europe’s top independent microbiology laboratories to ISO 22196:2011. 

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