Coloured Bins Reinforce Branding

Colour is an important part of any brand identity system. Brands and colours are inextricably linked. It is usually beneficial for a brand to consistently “own” certain colours, which provide an additional recognition cue.

Leafield Environmental offers litter bins and recycling units in a wide range of standard colours and now offers the facility to match brand colours precisely, producing bins that to look smart, look corporate and reinforce your brand image*. 

In addition we offer a full personalisation service, from adding your organisation’s logo or crest, to supplying personalised user graphics and posters.

*Subject to MOQs

Want to know what your choice of brand colours says?

The impact of colours

Colours have a wide variety of specific mental associations. They

offer an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words. According to Branding Strategy Insider:

  • Non-primary colours are more calming than primary colours.
  • Blue is the most calming of the primary colours, followed closely by a lighter red.
  • Test takers score higher and weight lifters lift more in blue rooms.
  • Blue text increases reading retention.
  • Yellow evokes cheerfulness. Houses with yellow trim or flower gardens sell faster.
  • Reds and oranges encourage diners to eat quickly and leave. Red also makes food more appealing and influences people to eat more.  (It is no coincidence that fast food restaurants almost always use these colours.)
  • Pink enhances appetites and has been shown to calm prison inmates.
  • Blue and black suppress appetites.
  • Children prefer primary colours. (Notice that children’s toys and books often use these colours.)
  • Forest green and burgundy appeal to the wealthiest 3 percent and often raise the perceived price of an item.
  • Orange is often used to make an expensive item seem less expensive.
  • Red clothing can convey power.
  • Red trim is used in bars and casinos because it can cause people to lose track of time.
  • White is typically associated with cool, clean and fresh.
  • Red is often associated with Christmas and orange with Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Red and black are often associated with sexy and seductive and are favoured by porn sites.
  • Black is also associated with elegance and sophistication. It also seems mysterious.

Whatever colour you happen to have settled on… The Leafield boast is that we can match, in some small way, to enhance your brand.

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