External Split Recycling Bin - Envirobin Split
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Envirobin Split

Public Split Recycle Bin

The Envirobank Split is a dual container for recycling multiple waste streams with the added advantage of collection within a single unit. The Envirobank Split can be used alongside the 140 and 240 to provide a variety of waste collection volumes.

The Envirobank 140 and Envirobank Split were the leading recycling products when public recycling was in its early stages and is still popular and relevant for todays ‘Recycling on the Go’ scheme.

A choice of colour coded apertures, conforming to WRAP guidelines includes graphics for the waste stream to be collected as standard. The aperture shapes are appropriate for collecting most commonly found waste streams; cans, newspapers, plastic bags or clothing are some examples.

This product won the Plastics Industry’s ‘Best Environmental Initiative’ at its launch.

90/90 litre Envirobank Split

90/90 litre Envirobank Split

  • RRP from £560.00 (90/90 litre Envirobank Split)
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Single unit able to collect 2 separate waste streams
  • Apertures available in the following formats; Hole/Open, Hole/Hole, Open/Open or Open/Hole
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