Sheffield University feels the Meridian benefit
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Sheffield University feels the Meridian benefit

Sheffield University feels the Meridian benefit

Meridian Envirobins from Leafield Environmental are helping change the environmental mindset of staff and students alike at the University of Sheffield. Since introducing these ‘twin waste stream’ bins with explanatory signage, the amount of waste that is recycled or recovered has risen significantly and now stands at more than 90%.

“Recycling is now, quite rightly, a routine part of staff and student’s lives”, reports Andrew Woffindin, Contracts and Environmental Co-coordinator at the University. 

The Meridian bins selected take two waste streams with a 70/30 split… 70% recyclables and 30% general waste. Having a choice of two waste routes in a single bin encourages people to think about recycling before disposing of their waste. The bins sport clear labeling, complemented by bespoke posters that graphically illustrate the differences between the two waste streams and further stimulate the thought process with the headline ‘Think before you throw’. 
Mixed recyclables are separated at a Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) then sold on the open market. The general waste stream is channeled to a ‘dirty MRF’ where the greater part of the material is also designated recyclable and recoverable and further separated out.

“With the purchase of the 70/30 split bins, this has helped immensely to increase the recycling rate of waste generated within the offices,” continued Woffinden.  “The bins standout well and with our own unique posters, which match up the two waste steams our waste contractors collects, recycling is fast becoming become the norm for all.”

Recycling is certainly ‘on the up’ at Sheffield University and Leafield Environmental is proud to be playing its part in the success.

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