Recycling Bin has Anti-microbial Properties
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Recycling Bin has Anti-microbial Properties

Recycling Bin has Anti-microbial Properties

In order to further encourage the adoption of recycling in the food and healthcare industries, Leafield Environmental has developed the SteriBin, a pedal operated recycling bin that possesses anti-microbial properties. 

Originally designed to accommodate three different waste streams the SteriBin Triple has two outer open apertures and a lidded aperture in the middle, operated by a foot pedal, for total hands-free, hygienic operation. A single stream version is also available with a single, foot pedal operated lid. Optional lid handles are available to provide access by people unable to operate the foot pedals.

Slim enough to stand back against the wall in corridors and individual rooms, the durable, rotationally moulded Steribin stands some 970mm high (1110mm with the lid open) an ideal height for ergonomic efficiency. Used with plastic sacks it has a total capacity of 90 litres, split 30/30/30 in the three waste stream version. For heavier waste items such as paper or food, a 67 litre plastic liner is available.

SteriBins are moulded from a polyethylene blend that incorporates a non-leaching silver component that ensures effective antibacterial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and reducing the threat of cross-contamination. 

Tested on over 50 different bacteria species, the antimicrobial material has been proven to reduce harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter by up to

Large graphics along with WRAP compliant icons and lid colours identify the individual waste streams to help minimise cross contamination. These graphics are moulded-in and are an integral part of the surface and unlike a label, cannot be peeled off. There are no label recesses or lifted label edges to harbour germs.

The smooth contours of the bin make for easy cleaning and all parts are easily removable for ‘deep cleaning’ purposes. A removable base drip tray is also provided to catch liquid waste should a bag become torn, a feature that saves considerable time when cleaning the bins.

SteriBins also address the problem of carrying full, vulnerable and potentially heavy sacks to collection points. All SteriBins have integral, non-marking wheels and moulded-in handles that enable them to be manoeuvred easily and wheeled to collection points in preference to carrying the collection sacks individually. This feature helps eliminating torn sacks, spills and bad backs. 

Both SteriBin versions have unique, internal sack retention systems; tilting frames that enable sacks to be removed and replaced easily and safely.

As waste management and recycling creeps up the agenda, the SteriBin from Leafield Environmental is making recycling segregation at the point of collection a hygienic reality.

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