Cameo Part or Supporting Role for Centrum?
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Cameo Part or Supporting Role for Centrum?

Cameo Part or Supporting Role for Centrum?

In BP’s 2016 TV ad to support the launch of its new range of Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology, (the first BP TV ad campaign for a decade) a VW Passat is seen dragging a neon anchor. Those with sharp eyes may have noticed the Leafield Centrum Forecourt Amenities Units playing a cameo role.

The ad has been shown throughout Europe and as far afield as South Africa.

A year on and a second BP ad, this time for BP Ultimate with Active Technology; starring neon camels along with forecourt action, again featuring the Centrum units.
A single appearance may be seen as a cameo role but two appearances must surely be categorised as a supporting role, helping BP project its corporate image.

The Centrum Unit is rotationally moulded in BP’s corporate green colour from robust, durable MDPE. 

As well as twin apertures for litter collection, the Centrum also provides twin glove and wipes dispensers with easy access from either side of the pump island. Provision is also made for an easily changed grades panel that also has other advertising possibilities. 

Watch out for the Centrum’s next appearance… It could be a leading role.

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