Recycling now Stacks Up
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Recycling now Stacks Up

Recycling now Stacks Up

With the trend towards recycling segregation at source, currently being experienced in education and commercial sectors, Leafield Environmental sees a bright future for its Envirostack recycling bins. 

Designed for internal use, Envirostack bins come in two sizes, 52litre and 32litre, and in a wide range of WRAP compliant colours, all prominently labelled to suit any recyclate stream.

Strong, as you would expect from durable rotomoulded bins, yet lightweight, their unique shape allows easy access to the bin below when part of stacked unit, without reducing the original capacity of the bin. 

Two 52litre units, when stacked, reach a height of 1145mm, exactly the same as a stack of three 32 litre units making them easy to mix and match. Their compact design and small footprint, (400mm x 333mm) makes them ideal for collecting large volumes of reyclate where space is at a premium. Two 32litre models can be accommodated under a kitchen counter with both bins remaining easily accessible.

The bins are ideal for use in a bag-less system but discrete bag retention mechanisms can also be provided.

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