Meridian Bin is ‘Part of the Furniture”
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Meridian Bin is ‘Part of the Furniture”

Meridian Bin is ‘Part of the Furniture”

Seldom can it be said that a recycling bin has style but that is certainly not the case with Leafield’s Meridian recycling bin. 
“Handling up to 3 waste streams in a single, slim, durable unit is an achievement in itself but to have customers compliment its design as ‘a piece of furniture’ is the icing on the cake as far as we are concerned” said Vince Wright, sales Manager at Leafield Environmental. 

But the design is not all the Meridian bin is about. Functionality and flexibility are equally as important. Available in two sizes, 110 litres and 87 litre, the Meridian was initially designed for use in universities but now has become part of the furniture in hospitals, schools and offices throughout Europe.

The Meridian bin was conceived as a dual waste stream bin that would encourage the ‘segregation at source’ of dry mixed recyclate from landfill waste. The bin was split 70:30 in favour of the mixed recyclables to make users initially think about recycling and then to suggest to them the common ratio of recyclables to landfill waste in their waste stream.

In this format the Meridian soon became Leafield’s most successful recycling bin but users quickly found new requirements for the bin in terms of how many and what types of waste stream it could accommodate. 

A triple lid that could take three separate streams was added as well as a single open lid and wrap colour compliant lids for virtually every conceivable waste stream, have made the Meridian the most versatile recycling bin available, as well as being the ‘best looking’.

A recycling bin that not only looks good but can help you through your recycling journey? Look no further than the Meridian and make it ‘part of the furniture’.

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