Forecourt Amenities Units Enhance Corporate Identity
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Forecourt Amenities Units Enhance Corporate Identity

Forecourt Amenities Units Enhance Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the set of tools employed to communicate a visual statement about the brand to consumers and encompasses company name, logo, slogan, buildings, uniforms, company colours amongst other elements.

Fuel retailers are acutely aware of the benefits that corporate identity can bring. When BP CEO Lord John Browne publicly committed to reduce BP’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent and invest in solar power and alternative energy, his aim was to turn the Company’s ‘desire for economic growth’ into the ‘desire for a cleaner environment’… turning a ‘good oil producer’ into a ‘great company’. 

Following what is probably the most complete rebranding exercise ever undertaken by an energy company, BP enjoyed a 23% increase in retail sales at a global level (according to the Wall Street Journal) and a $7 billion increase in brand assets while competitors declined (BAV Consulting). 

Maintenance of this corporate branding is increasingly important to BP in the ever more competitive world of fuel retailing… even down to the design and colour of their forecourt amenity units. The Company recognised that Leafield Environmental had the skills to design a state-of-the-art forecourt unit and produce it in corporate colours that would, in a small way, complement and enhance the corporate image portrayed by the forecourts.

Named Centrum, the 1.4 metre high unit serves to collect waste and dispense gloves and c-fold hand wipes for forecourt customers all in single compact unit. 

Based on a 500mm x 600mm footprint that fits easily on or in front of the majority of pump islands, the 28kg unit has a litter capacity of 110 litres. Front door opening makes for easy access when emptying the waste and a pivoting sack retention system makes sack replacement a simple proposition. 

The Centrum unit also has an easily changeable, advertising/grades panel graphics. It has an integral compartment for stability ballast but also has provision for permanent anchor bolt fixing to floors or stanchions.

The rear of the unit incorporates a recess to accommodate sand or water buckets and up-stand mount fixings are provided should A4 advertising posters be required in the future. Provision has also been made for the inclusion of an internal fire extinguisher.

The rollout programme is currently underway in mainland Europe and, to date, more than 700 units have been installed in the Netherlands alone. 

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