Centrum Forecourt Amenity Unit Rolls into Holland
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Centrum Forecourt Amenity Unit Rolls into Holland

Centrum Forecourt Amenity Unit Rolls into Holland

A new Forecourt Amenity Unit has been designed, developed and produced by Leafield Environmental, on behalf of BP, and is currently in ‘roll-out’ phase.

Many concepts were produced and modified until a final iteration was agreed upon that met the aesthetic, ergonomic and cost requirements. 

Named Centrum, the 1.4 metre high unit serves to collect waste and dispense gloves and c-fold hand wipes for forecourt customers in a single unit. 

Produced in BP corporate colours and based on a 500mm x 600mm compact footprint that fits easily on the majority of pump islands, the 28kg unit has a litter capacity of 110 litres. Front door opening makes for easy access when emptying the waste and a pivoting sack retention system makes sack replacement a simple proposition. 

Unlike other forecourt units the Centrum offers dual litter apertures along with dual glove and hand wipes dispensers… accessed from both sides of the unit. 

Grades panels/advertising and promotional graphics are affixed from inside the door and can be easily and quickly interchanged.
Double skinned throughout for maximum rigidity, the Centrum has a base compartment for the addition of ballast but also provides for permanent anchor bolt fixing to floors or stanchions.

The rear of the unit has a recess to accommodate sand or water buckets and up-stand mount fixings are provided should A4 advertising posters be required in the future. Provision has also been made for the inclusion of an internal fire extinguisher.

The rollout programme is currently underway in mainland Europe and more than 700 units have already been installed in the Netherlands. 

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