The Caterer...Making Mealtimes Easier
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The Caterer...Making Mealtimes Easier

The Caterer...Making Mealtimes Easier

Our new 'Caterer' table moulded serving top was launched at the Compass Group UK & Ireland Supplier Conference in September 2016.

Designed in partnership with Chartwells for over 80 primary schools that do not have enough space to store large bespoke serving tables.

Easily placed on top of a standard folding table* ready to fit the prepared gastronorms and then lifted off and stacked away when not in use.

*Designed for use with standard 1830 x 760mm Gopak table and 6 x 1/2 gastronorm (GN1/2: 325 X 265mm Bourgreat & Vogue).

Available in different colours.

Download the flyer from the literature section;

Or contact Vince to discuss the Caterer in more detail;

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